Key Features of Tamil Nadu Budget 2019 - Highlights

Key Features of Tamil Nadu Budget 2019 - Highlights

Highlights of Tamil Nadu Budget 2019-2020:

The Tamil Nadu budget for the year 2019-2020 was filed in the bill. Finance Minister and Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam filed the Tamil Nadu budget.

Tamil nadu budget 2019

Key features of the Tamil Nadu budget 2019-2020:

  • Rs 10,000 crore will be given to farmers
  • Individual income in Tamil Nadu is Rs 1,42,267
  • Rs 300 crore to rebuild the lakes with people's participation
  • Tamil Nadu's economic growth would be 8.1 per cent
  • Rs 100 crore allocation for innovative development projects
  • Reaction to tax revenue will increase by 14 percent in the current year
  • The revenue deficit for the current fiscal is Rs. 14,315 crore
  • Rs 18,700 crore allocated for municipal and water supply
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu purchased Rs 44,066.82 crore by 2018-19
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu has raised Rs 3,49,495 crore to Rs
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu plans to borrow Rs 43,000 crore in 2019-20
  • Tamilnadu state debt more than last year was 42,000 crore
  • A plan to build up to 38,000 houses for the residents of Chennai
  • Around 4,647 crore houses will be constructed with World Bank assistance
  • The debt of the power generation and distribution company is Rs. 22,815 crore
  • The government's fiscal deficit is limited to 3 percent
  • Government Arts and Science College will be constructed in the name of Abdulkalam in Rameswaram
  • Rs 28,757 crore allocated for school education
  • Rs 2,361.41 crore has been provided for the treating of kajah storm
  • With the help of the German bank, 2,000 battery buses will be operated
  • Chennai, Coimbatore, 500 buses in the first place in Madurai
  • Chennai Metro Rail Monetary - Goyapped - Chowkinganallur project Japan financing
  • New Revenue Division with Madurai District headed by Tirumangalam
  • The new district, headquartered in Kallakurichi, will soon be created
  • A 2,000 crore auto park management project will be implemented in Chennai
  • Appropriation - Allocation of Rs 1000 for Avinashi Scheme
  • 250 MW floating solar project in Theni, Salem and Erode at Rs 1,125 crore
  • The 500 MW hub, the highest solar park project at Rs.2,350 crore
  • Rs 3,958 crore allocated for social security schemes including elderly scholarships, free duties and work
  • The floods will be carried out at a cost of Rs 284 crore
  • The reservoir will be set up at Adiru Uparar in Sriperumbudur Oorathur
  • Ciranchipadi will be rearranged in the circular area
  • The flood waters of the Kodidam river near Chidambaram Vallam Baramattu will be constructed
  • Waterproofing will be constructed near Uppinar near Pichavaram
  • State welfare policy is designed to be used effectively for land resources
  • One-and-a-half lakh families have a residential land patta
  • Rs 349.4 crore allocated for livelihood scheme in national capital
  • Rs 6,265.5 crore for Housing and Urban Development Department
  • Rs .172 crore allocated to encourage rural small enterprises
  • The total allocation for poverty alleviation projects is Rs 1,031.5 crore
  • A sum of Rs 1,142 crore has been allocated for road development works in 2019-20
  • In Tamilnadu, the TAMMAK cuts from 7,896 to 5,198
  • 2,000 Solar Pump sets will be used for farmers in the financial year 2019-20
  • Rs 726.6 crore allocated for the railway superior work
  • Rs.13,605 crore allocated for highways and small ports for 2019-20
  • Rs. 28,757.62 crore for the school education sector in 2019-20
  • Net Student Admission In Primary Classes Increased to 99.8
  • The number of school children in the school has decreased to 33,519
  • Rs 1,657 crore allocated for free textbooks, shoes and book bags
  • Rs.381 crore allocated for classrooms, labs and toilets in schools with NABARD assistance
  • Rs 2,791 crore allocated for Integrated School Scheme
  • First grant of Rs 460 crore allocated for the first time graduate student,
  • The federal government has reduced funding in central government schemes
  • Increasing funding for the state government by reducing the budget allocation
  • 9,975 people will be hired by Uniform Employee Examination Board
  • Rs.10,550 crore will be allocated for agriculture
  • Rs. 200 crore allocated for interest repayment on crops
  • Rs. 1,252 crore for Animal Husbandry Department
  • Rs 258 crore for milk sector
  • Rs 928 crore allocated for the fishery sector
  • Rs 6,000 crore allocated for food subsidy
  • Rs. 18,273 crore for Rural Development Department
  • Rs. 420 crore allocated for construction of 20,000 green houses
  • Auruvakurchi, Karur District, drinking water for 282 settlements in K. Baramati
  • Rs.235 crore allocation for irrigation management modernization project
  • Rs 811.6 crore allocated for infrastructure development projects of water resources
  • The budget allocation for the 2019-20 budget is Rs. 5,984 crores
  • Rs 1,200 crore allocation for upgrading infrastructure in villages
  • In the year 2019-20, 1.97 lakh housing budgets would be allocated Rs 266.16 crore
  • 1986 km Panchayat Roads Rs 1,142 crore

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