Top 7 Must Have Mobile Security Apps for Android

Antivirus App for Android
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More and more mobile device users across the globe use Android OS, thereby, it is the most targeted mobile platforms. There is a dire need to have the best mobile security app in place to steer clear from all the online dangers. 

Hackers target Android OS users and release numerous malware in the wild day after day. To counter those malware attacks, it is essential to install a robust antivirus for Android devices.

In general, whatever device you are using (phone or tablet), it is recommendable to have the best mobile security app installed on the device.

This article here discusses the leading 7 must-have mobile security apps for Android. Keep reading to know the leading mobile security players in the arena:

1. Comodo Antivirus for Android

Comodo antivirus for Android offers an all-in-one mobile security and virus protection app which defends the entry and interference of malicious files and apps. The mobile security app automatically scans and removes malicious viruses, apps, potentially risky settings and even from theft. The remarkable mobile security protects the user's privacy and keeps the mobile device (phone or tablet) optimized.

Comodo mobile security app restricts unauthorized calls, prevents the attack of ransomware, obstructs banking Trojans from accessing or stealing of your Android device data. In the process, it protects the personal information of the user like photos, videos personal contacts and much more. Mobile security app has a significant rate of detection of malicious mobile threats. The mobile security app is available as a free download.

2. Avast Mobile Security

Previously, the popular Avast Mobile Security app used to be a paid version; now it is available online as a free download. Avast has been there for a reasonable amount of time in the security space and has made used of its experience and knowledge to develop a powerful app.

Avast uses a mundane scanner but sports robust features such as call blocker, firewall and an anti-theft tool that remotely locks or wipes the Android device if it goes missing.  If you are looking for more features then Avast Ultimate bundle (security suite) is your best bet, it has a VPN, a system cleanup, a password management solution, and much more.

3. Lookout

Lookout offers excellent antivirus app for Android and iPhone devices. Like other mobile security apps, it scans the apps and websites to protect the devices from infections or having any confidential information stolen. 

The virus protection software predicts threats intuitively and prevents them from causing damage. It packs anti-theft abilities, backs up all your data on secure servers, and has a tracking feature that will save the location of the phone.

4. 360 Mobile Security

Over the years, the free 360 Total Security antivirus has earned a strong reputation for excellence. Its security protection for Android Phones offers Speed Booster, Junk Cleaner, Anti Spyware, and Virus Remover. 

For those looking for extra protection can opt for the premium version of 360 Total Security. It includes features such as a firewall, privacy cleaner, data shredder, driver updater, and more. On the flipside, the user needs to pay $14.99 per year per PC or $19.99 for three PCs.

5. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender offers free antivirus for Android which protects against all major Android threats. The mobile security app has been optimized to run in the background without impacting the performance of system resources.

The scanner works quick and never slows down or affect battery life. The Autopilot mode scans new apps that are downloaded and blocks all malicious app from entering the device. Other features include account privacy, battery saver Internet protection, VPN, App lock, and more.

6. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus for Android

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus for Android is free to download, and the app keeps running in the background and scans the mobile device for malware. When the malicious files or tasks are recognized it automatically blocks to protect the phone. 

The web surfing protection blocks unsafe sites and links. It comes packing features such as app lock, find my phone, Anti-theft, and more. "Find my phone feature" enables the owner of the device to locate the phone or tablet, lock it remotely and wipe personal information.

7. McAfee Mobile Security

The famous McAfee offers a mobile security app to keep Android devices safe. The protection software claims to maintain a 99.5% malware detection rate. Like many antiviruses for Android, the scanner can be scheduled to run every day at a particular time. 

It has an anti-theft feature that lets the user locate their phone and remotely manage it from the web portal. Besides that, it has a security lock, Wi-Fi security, battery optimizer, memory cleaner, etc.

Wrap Up
The above-listed antivirus for android apps is the best in the security space. It is up to you to choose the best one that fits your needs.

However, the most important of all is to have one installed on your mobile device to stay protected.  Let us know what antivirus app do you use and why?

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