Top 7 Benefits of Selenium Automation Testing Tool in Software Testing

Software Testing industry has been changing ever since automation came into the picture. There is a clear difference between manual testing and automation testing.

On one side where manual testing requires human intervention with regard to the time and effort to make sure the software code works properly whereas on the other side Automation testing is completely automated and is performed through automation tools wherein less time and effort are needed.

Manual testing involves repetition of a task and the high possibility of human errors whereas with automation testing both the above can be ruled out.

Below benefits of automation testing quickly gives us an idea on how useful automation tools are in present times:
  • Automation testing tools to ensure high precision
  • Improved reporting skills
  • Better coverage
  • Improved resource proficiency
  • Improved bug finding
  • Enhanced re-usability

Though automation tools are plenty in the market, but the one which is most popularly used is Selenium. This tool was developed by Thoughtworks in 2004 and is majorly used for testing of web applications.

Why Selenium is best tool for automation testing?

Originally Selenium IDE and Selenium RC (Remote Control) were used but nowadays websites are becoming stronger with plenty of features, this was not enough. Testers were to make sure that the websites worked properly on the desktop, mobile, and iOS as well. Testing of browsers across multiple devices was made possible by Selenium Webdriver.

So now let’s discuss why Selenium Webdriver has become the first choice of every tester who plans to become an automation tester!

Top Reasons to Use Selenium Webdriver for Automation Testing

1. Open Source

The foremost reason of Selenium being so popular is the same being an open-source tool. It delivers the attributes of QTP and many more other features but comes absolutely free of cost. It can be downloaded right away from the official site and its setup is also simple. Moreover, the community support for this tool is very huge.

2. Language Support

The major advantage of Selenium tools is that it supports multiple languages. It supports all the major programming languages like Python, C#, Ruby, PHP, Java, JavaScript, etc. Even though it has a specific script language, it also provides support to all the main programming language.

3. Works Across Multiple OS

One of the main advantage of Selenium tools for automation testing is that it aids multiple OS like Mac, UNIX, Windows, and Linux. A customized set of testing scripts can be created to work on any platform by using Selenium tool.

4. Supports Multiple Browser

Selenium also gives you the benefit of testing on different browsers like Chrome, Opera, IE, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Yandex etc..

5. Cross-Device Testing

Selenium Training in Chennai also helps with automation testing through multiple devices. Test cases can be automated on testing on iPhones, Blackberry, and Android which aids in resolving cross-device issues.

6. Community Support

Selenium tool has a huge community-based support. All updates and upgrades are communicated worldwide through community groups across the world. Moreover, selenium users get solutions to their problems related to this tool.

7. Easy to Implement

Selenium tool is an extremely user-friendly tool. Easy to download, setup, and use. Selenium is a lot quicker than the work done physically, the code composed once can be reused for different occasions.

Having this as a bit of leeway, robotization analyzers compose the computerization testing content and reuse it when required, it is moreover simple to test it significantly after once the Sprint cycle has been finished. Because of this reason mechanization testing is favored for the lithe condition.

Aside from these, it is a lot simpler to breeze through the assessment information, particularly from the exceed expectations sheet where Selenium carries out the responsibility at no time. Indeed, even to test an application structure at least one time, Selenium is favored as it is a lot quicker.

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