Gone were the days where manual tasks have been crowned but in the current world of automation manual work isn’t regarded as the way it used to be appreciated. Today there is a handful of reasons that automation is ruling the industry, but let’s just take a look at automation testing and its features along with why is it dominant in the industry.

Well, any business owner will be looking for revenue and profit that can be achieved by optimizing the work that the employees of the company are working on. This is where automation is filling up the gap and this blog is focused on letting everyone know about why the field of automation is in demand in the market.

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Pops upfirst when it comes to regression testing

In today’s scenario, regression testing is given importance to some extent, and automation testing provides its best to regression testing. But first, to understand how automation saves the day for regression testing, let’s just understand what regression testing is.

Regression testing is done after performing testing for a build that a developer has built, that is, once a developer develops a particular part of the software application then the build will be sent to the tester to test it. The tester will perform the required testing in the application and figure out bugs, which will be sent to the developer.

The developer fixes all the bugs pointed by the tester and sends it back to the tester again. Then the tester will check all the bugs are fixed, along with that the tester will also check the fixed bugs are leading to any other malfunctions in the application, this is called Regression testing. the tester needs to change the automation script. This is where automation fills the gap by providing the best solution for software development.

How Automation Saves the Time in Regression Testing

Automation testing is done by writing testing scripts, apart from writing any codes it can be done using some tools. But still, codeless automation isn’t in demand that much when compared to automation done by writing test scripts. While performing regression testing, a tester will need to perform a particular amount of steps multiple times and it obviously consumes a lot of time. Here is where automation comes in the picture, especially Selenium a framework tool built with the base of Java that is dominant in the industry. This can be used to write automation scripts and the script will perform the testing on the modules that area ought to be tested.

Selenium training in Chennai has become one of the most sought courses by students and working professionals as it has got a huge demand in the current market. Every time when the developer changes anything in the build, all a tester needs to do is to just change the code that needs to be changed, which is the minimalistic approach that a tester needs to do.

Apart from regression testing, automation provides a lot of facilities over manual testing, such as continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) where testing can be done by scheduling a time and also without human interaction. In the case of automation tester, the tester sometimes acts as a DevOps engineer as well. Due to all these reasons, Automation Testing and Automation Testers are in demand in the current information technology industry with Selenium and Protractor as the dominant tools.

Robotization absolutely takes a shot at code or an instrument to test an application, however the way to understanding where it very well may be utilized to spare the activity that should be performed where it can be reused at whatever point it is required. So whenever when the mechanization analyzer runs the code the person simply needs to make the fundamental changes in the code and run it. This benefit isn't accessible when the work is done physically, yet robotization does it quicker and productively.

Because of this numerous organizations are effectively hoping to focus more on Selenium robotization where even the customers are currently begun demonstrating enthusiasm for the deft improvement. Presently it tends to be additionally incorporated with CI/CD (Continuous Integration/ Ceaseless Deployment) apparatuses, which can execute the experiments remotely.

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