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Update: (11/6/2018)

The Jacto-Geo organization is fasting in Chennai Ezhilagam. The JACTO-JEO Organization has launched an indefinite hunger strike in Chennai Ezhilagam campus. The hunger strike is going on to emphasize demands including the implementation of the old pension scheme.

JACTO JEO Protest News:

Jacto-Geo system, the government employee and teachers' organization, has been conducting struggles to protest 15 demands over the past seven years. The 7th Pay Commission's recommendations, implemented a wage conflicts need to lay down new pension plan, cancel the old pension plan, implement, and secondary teachers pay the difference needs to be corrected, set compensation under the salary established for those periodic wage should provide both requests tanpi Making donations have been agitating.

The talks last year ended with the failure of the talks. A series of strikes were performed on behalf of Jacotto-Geo. So they were prosecuted and investigated. The court then said that the government should release the recommendation of the Commission on the Violence Controversy.

But the government has not yet released that recommendation. But the committee's period is extended and the IAS officer has been appointed the chairman of the committee. On the occasion of the Jokoto-Geo stir in Chennai on 8th May, a government committee was told that you should inform your opinion on a person's committee. Last week, the employees of the General Secretariat and their staff were present at the chief secretariat. The jacto-jo announced that a fast will be held in Chennai on June 11.

There are about 500 people who are coordinators of the Geotato-Geo organization and top group members. In addition, the Jacto-Geo group decided to hold a demonstration in the evening before the Collectorate office in the district.

* In the past 7 years, there were 15 protests demanding protests and struggle.

* Remuneration wage contracts when the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission are implemented.

* To cancel the new pension scheme and put an old pension plan.

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